Shade Grown Coffee

When you drink coffee, make it count!!

Left is Sun Grown & Right is Shade Grown

Left is Sun Grown & Right is Shade Grown

Traditionally, coffee has been grown in the shade. This method of production works well for coffee growers and it also works well for migratory birds. Migratory birds will stop and take cover within the coffee plants. These bird refuge areas have become increasingly important in light of the diminishing rain forests. While shade grown coffee is desirable for a variety of reasons, the reason that stands out is that this method preserves migratory bird habitats.

In recent years coffee producers have learned how to increase their yield. They have learned that by planting in full sun, and applying chemical fertilizers and pesticides, yields will increase. As yields increase, the bird habitats decrease.

Look for Certification or read the label to make sure the coffee is Shade Grown to protect our birds and other animals!

Ask your favorite cafe and store to carry shade grown coffee.

Click here for a pdf flyer on shade grown coffee.