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Black-chinned HummingbirdHelp Support Roaring Fork Audubon!

As your all-volunteer Roaring Fork Audubon Society Board, we work
diligently to help protect the birds and other animals in our Valley.

…and, as we again witness the miracle of mass migration, we are reminded of our commitment to these amazing animals that have flown from as far away as South America just to nest in our Valley.

Native bird populations across the nation are declining – we feel it is the duty of each of us to help sustain their populations.

Two Ways to Support Roaring Fork Audubon

Online with a Credit Card or Paypal

Mail in your contribution

To support Roaring Fork Audubon, please download and print this form(Click Here), and mail it along with your payment to

P.O. BOX 1192

Check out just some of the local projects we are working on to help maintain healthy bird populations:

  • Working with Pitkin County Commissioners to encourage them adopt “Bird Friendly Building Codes”
  • Working with RFTA (Roaring Fork Transit Authority), to encourage them to add treatment to their clear glass bus stops. (Glass collisions kill over one billion birds each year)
  • Launching a “Cats Indoors” program in our valley.
  • Every year we are one of only two non-profits that help fund the only environmental conservation lobbyists in the state legislature.
  • We funded the radio transmitters on Black Swifts to find, and help protect, their wintering grounds.
  • We print “Bird Friendly Living Tips” in our local papers.
  • We will be launching a Shade Grown Coffee campaign.
  • We put on free educational programs with Naturalists Nights in the winter.
  • We offer free field trips to help educate all ages and abilities.<
  • Our ongoing work with the U.S. Forest Service on their 50,000 acre habitat improvement project.