Roaring Fork Audubon Society’s Top 7 Tips for Bird-Friendly Living

(Adapted from the American Bird Conservancy)


  1. Keep your cat indoors. Even well-fed cats kill birds – an estimated 5 million a year! Keep them inside. Not only will the birds be safer, your cat will be healthier and safer too.  Visit
  1. Reduce your use of pesticides. Not only can they be toxic to birds, but they kill insects that birds eat. Visit .        
  1. Drink shade-grown coffee! Birds and mammals rely on trees to survive. If you care, make sure it is shade grown, not just organic. We know of only two places in the valley that sell shade grown. Carbondale Food Co-Op on Main St. in Carbondale and the Vitamin Cottage in Glenwood – or join the
  1. Prevent window strikes. Purchase window decals from the Roaring Fork Audubon Society at  Hundreds of millions of birds die each year as a result of hitting windows on every type of building. Break up reflections of habitat in your windows by applying decals, window tape, or screens, reduce night lighting, move indoor plants away from windows, encourage your local government to change the building codes and require bird safe windows on all public buildings.
  1. Provide birds with fresh food and clean water. If you feed, clean your feeders regularly to prevent mold and disease. Scrub them with a solution of ¼ cup bleach to two gallons water and rinse well. Visit for more details, and purchase the very best hummingbird feeder by visiting the marketplace on our website,
  1. Plan your yard for diversity. Instead of a “green desert” of lawn, plant a mixture of native grasses, flowers, and shrubs. Our local nurseries are good at recommending native species, then, you can have your yard certified by the National Wildlife Federation ( Encourage your schools to do the same.
  1. Visit  to see our accomplishments in the valley, for free field trips and programs, our marketplace, and other tips.        Also, consider donating to the Roaring Fork Audubon Society to help us with local conservation.