Some of Our Accomplishment Made Possible With Your Help!

  • We contribute to the Audubon Colorado Lobbyists Fund – representing one of only two pro-environmental lobbyists working on state issues.
  • We funded the radio transmitters on the rare Black Swifts to find their previously unknown wintering grounds in the Brazilian Amazon, enabling conservationists to work on protection measures.
  • We are working to encourage our local governments to adopt a “Bird Friendly Building Code”.
  • We are working with RFTA, (Roaring Fork Transit Authority), to encourage them to add treatment to their clear glass bus stops. – Over one billion birds are killed by glass collisions each year.
  • We are launching a “Cats Indoors” awareness program in our valley. Billions of birds are killed every year by outdoor cats. Roaring Fork Audubon helped the Town of Carbondale write their informative brochures.
  • We will again, be launching a “Shade Grown Coffee” awareness campaign to save habitat for our wintering birds.
  • We periodically publish “Bird Friendly Living” tips in our local papers.
  • We published two large ads to help protect the Thompson Divide for our nesting migrant and local birds.
  • We offer free educational field trips for all levels, ages, and abilities.
  • We have an ongoing project with the U.S. Forest Service and their 50,000 acre habitat improvement; providing critical breeding bird information for all the habitats and elevations in their planned areas.
  • We installed interpretive signage at Spring Park Reservoir to help folks understand the importance of this stopover feeding and recovery area for 1000’s of waterfowl during migration. We were also instrumental in having Spring Park designated an Important Bird Area, (IBA); a national program with over 50 IBA’s in Colorado.
  • We worked with several of the local schools, building Bluebird nest boxes with the children, and educating them about bird migration, nesting, and feeding.
  • We conduct Christmas and Spring Bird Counts every year, sending our data to Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
  • We have teamed with Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and Wilderness Workshop to host Naturalist’s Nights in Aspen and Carbondale.
  • We are working with local architects to educate them about the options for bird safe windows.
  • We helped to finance the purchase and protection of one of the most important migratory stop-overs for hummingbirds.
  • We have started a “Kids Birding Club” and on day two they were able to take photos of a rare Peregrine Falcon.
  • Board members maintain and monitor over 80 bluebird nest boxes in our valley – helping to increase their falling numbers.
  • We have purchased a complete bird feeding station for several schools in our valley to help them learn about our local birds. We will also help them with education and identification.